This site is for everyone who purchases my 1st E-book about hope. We all need hope in the world we live in. Many people are going through a lot and don’t know where to start over again. Remember, we have the opportunity to start over every day! God’s mercies are new every  morning…great is His faithfulness. Please don’t hesitate to leave comments, ask questions, and ask for help on how to implement the things I have written about in my new book. I may update the book, add more, and I may even try to publish it as a regular book. This book was written for you and I pray it helps to release you from the chains of the negativity of this world, the “recession” of this economy, and any other fears that have been holding you back from living life to the fullest.

Are You Created For Greatness?

I know I’m created for greatness, but do you know, and I mean really know that you are too? The #1 struggle amongst us is that we just don’t believe in ourselves enough to get up, get out, and conquer the world. Or, at least our little corner of it! Trying to be perfect before doing anything will cause you to never do anything, and besides, you will never be able to obtain perfection this side of heaven. I learned that one the hard way! I decided, you know what, I’m gonna write my first E-book and see what happens. The truth is, no one has bought it yet. I’ve advertised, I’ve blogged, I’ve “pressed”, I’ve tweeted, I’ve asked friends to read it, and NOTHING.

I haven’t given up hope though because many people have “liked” the Facebook page I created for the book and that was only through using a few ads. I could’ve spent much more, but I didn’t. My next plan is to finish writing the next 2 books in the sequel, give the 1st one away for free, and sell the other 2. By the time everyone finishes the first 1, they will want to give it out and buy the next 2 for certain! Then, after I give away a certain amount for free, then I will begin to charge a small amount if it makes sense, and also bundle them together for a very low price.

I’m also going to make my own website, put ads on the site as well, and sell my book that way. I will be blogging a few times a week, responding to blogs, and connecting with people from all over who have read my book. If nothing happens, then I will keep trying. I will do that by updating each book, maybe do different cover art, and add more chapters, add pictures, add bullet-ted lists, and maybe even add a teaching course. If by then I still get no response, I will let go. I will begin my next adventure: Writing Devotionals for a certain genre of people who I will not name here!

But, I’m not gonna just sit around, and assume I’m a failure. It has only been a month anyways since the e book has been in publication. Maybe, I just need to give it more time, who knows. This is my experience and will continue to be my experience until the world ends or Jesus Christ returns. I refuse to not live my life to the fullest. I refuse to be a recluse. I refuse to be anything less than “GREATNESS” itself. I’m talented, gifted, beautiful, and I love life.

Every single one of you reading this blog is also talented, gifted, and beautiful in your own special way. Every single one of you is created for greatness. Just believe. Then plan. Then act. If you fall, find out why you fell and learn. Make it better somehow and try again. The formula is simple. We only become complicated because of our past, our hurts, our failures, and what others have said. Peal off those layers that have been holding you back and keeping you down. Hold yourself down and keep yourself back, from those people who get in your way, tell you there’s no way, or push you out of the way. You got it all deep inside of your soul! You are a part of the master Creator (God), and your spirit contains something more powerful than you ever could have imagined.

Don’t listen to politics.Don’t listen to your bank account. Don’t listen to negativity of any form no matter where or who it comes from. If the President himself speaks negatively, don’t pay him no attention. Who cares what they say about recession. There is no such thing as a recession in God’s Kingdom. Greatness in your soul, greatness in your roll, greatness in your flow. Everywhere you go, you exude power, love, and dignity. Let it all show. Believe and never ever let that greatness go! Now go!